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Sponsor a Child with CCF Children’s Villages
Give an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child a loving family and you will provide them a better chance of succeeding in life. Children without parental support are some of the worldโ€™s most vulnerable citizens. They are at risk of poverty, homelessness, exploitation and abuse. Many do not attend school or have access to even the most basic healthcare. Millions end up on the streets with no safety nets and no protection. For just over a dollar per day, you can make sure a child who has already lost so much can start to rebuild their lives in a caring and positive environment.

You can transform the lives of vulnerable children for just over a dollar per day โ€“ providing them with an education, healthcare and most importantly, a family of their own.

Your support will enable CCF Childrenโ€™s Villages to provide at-risk children with:

The chance to grow up in a stable, loving family environment
The opportunity to grow up woth their biological siblings
A secure home for the whole of their childhood
A quality education from qualified teachers and trainers
Access to professional healthcare
The chance to belong to a supportive community

Dhizaala, CCF Uganda
โ€œWhen I received my sponsorship welcome packet, I actually used the opportunity to share my own personal story with my daughter. She was surprised to hear that I was an orphaned child. I quickly told her there was no way I could actually call myself an orphaned child because I had a home and mom at CCF.โ€


Sponsoring a child changes lives – yours and the child’s.
When you sponsor a child with CCF Childrenโ€™s Villages, you change a child’s life. Thanks to your support, they will grow up in a secure family environment with all the benefits that a quality education and supportive upbringing have shown to provide. Regular updates and photographs mean that you can watch the child you sponsor grow up. You can also send them letters and small gifts for special occasions like their birthdays and the holidays.

A Stable and Supportive Community
As a sponsor, you open the door to a secure and loving home for a child. Every CCF family lives in their own house within an CCF village. We have more than 250 CCF villages around the world. Under its roof, children enjoy a real sense of security and belonging, which is critically important for children who need special support and protection. Living as integrated members of the local community, children are able to grow and learn together and CCF families form a network of mutual support.

The Opportunity for a Quality Education
As a sponsor, you set a child on the path towards a bright future. Every child in an CCF family has access to quality education from kindergarten through vocational training or university. Sponsors give a child the chance to just be a kid โ€” to learn, grow and play in a safe and loving environment. Your sponsorship delivers education opportunities that help break the cycle of poverty.

Building Blocks for a Healthy Future
As a sponsor, you provide an at-risk child with proper nutrition and urgent and ongoing medical care to be healthy and strong. Sponsoring also enables lifesaving healthcare including vaccinations, HIV/AIDS treatments and mental health programs, through our established medical centers around the world.

What You Receive
If you become a child sponsor with us, you will receive the child’s photo and a short profile, as well as information on the particular CCF Children’s Village. We will also provide you with some interesting facts about the country where your sponsored child is living.

Once a year you will receive a progress letter about your sponsored child and at the end of the year, you will receive a second letter telling you about life at the village as well as a photo of your sponsored child.

Take Action
Help orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children find the loving homes that they deserve. Your support will have a huge impact on a child’s life!