About Us

Children Care Foundation Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ was established on 12 September 2014 with an idea of taking care of children and widows by our lovely mother Mbabazi Annet who is very sick at the moment and thereafter Dhizaala william malcom was introduced on board to start working with her in developing idea to dedicate to plant seeds of hope in the minds and hearts of African children worldwide.
In the intense, compassion and motivation for helping kids was ignited over years when we begun participating in community outreach to ensure the needs of at risk children, widows, pregnant women, disabled people and the poor people within our community. As a foster child myself I was blessed with new lease on life through the support of the loving people who adopted me and the mbabazi who gave me a chance to join her at CCF Uganda parents gave us hope, guidance, love, and the opportunity for brighter future
With the purpose of serving children who were affected with HIV/AIDS however today it has served children with also severe circumstances within the region in Uganda like poverty, lack of resources for example clothing, water, food, education and healthy from all the parts of Kamuli district and neighboring region with a primary interests in Uganda communities.
Recognizing the opportunity that was extended to him as a foster child he made a life long pledge to improve the lives of needy and challenged children around the world. Today as a local farmer, social worker, and human rights person I seek to implement new initiatives to help the ongoing expansion of CCF. So it can support, help in program events and charity worldwide.
Kamuli district where CCF is found has got a high population staged at the region within Uganda and with the most numbers of child abuse, child violations, and high school drop-outs we decided to come up and restore such problems in Kamuli Uganda.